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unRambling.mE - a Journey of Self Discovery & Beyond  




Discover the benefits of uniquely personalized self-discovery workshops tailored to your preferred topic. By booking a workshop today, individuals will embark on a journey towards self-awareness designed specifically for them. At the end of the workshop, attendees will take away personal solutions, valuable tools for everyday life, a significant boost in self-awareness, and the freedom to think more independently.


The unRambling.mE workshop utilizes a tool called "tHE wILL," in which each attendee revisits, recreates, records, and redefines personal discoveries centered around the customized topic. 


Before beginning each workshop, everyone is reminded that,


  • Everything we need we already have (DONT OVER THINK YOURSELF OUT OF BEING YOURSELF)

  • Do the self-work 

  • Embrace the journey

  • unRamble yourself daily  (talk to yourself, listen to yourself, grace yourself)


Booking a workshop is simple, affordable, and hassle-free. Email your preferred location, dates, topic(s) of interest, number of attendees, budget, and any other relevant information to


*Workshops can be designed for all ages, genders, races, and spiritual beliefs. We prioritize the safety and comfort of every attendee and proudly welcome the LGBTQ+ community.


Popular Workshops 


  • Public Workshop for 25 Women 21+ Brunswick, Georgia -  How to utilize wisdom and not just possess it by implementing mental organizational strategies


  • Baptist Church Leadership Conference for Women ages 30 to 70 in Augusta, Georgia  - Living in my OK Gracefully 


  • Brunswick Job Corps Center Women Conference for over 100 students - Me vs. mE. The power of words 


  • LGBTQ Community Workshop of 60 individuals Jacksonville, Florida  - Who’s voice are you singing

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