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hASHONDRA the Author &  Speaker 

Over the last 20 years, the voice of Hashondra has been heard by millions worldwide. As co-owner of thePinkGroup, a branding, and marketing team, Hashondra, was able to self-publish her first book, "ATTACHED," in 2017, which focuses on the emotional drama of losing her virginity as a teenager. 

In 2022 Hashondra released the sequel "unATTACHED - the Final Season," which is an INCREDIBLE book focusing on her 20-year journey of discovering the authentic version of herself in the area of romantic love. 

Hashondra is an experienced writer and motivational speaker who shares significant parts of her journey rooted in her authentic mindset changes.  


Through books, events, and music Hashondra approaches uncomfortable & relatable topics in an unbiased manner, capturing the hearts and minds of her audience, leaving each individual with life-changing tools on how to jUST bE while "unRAMBLING" themselves gracefully. 


Hashondra is the owner of DONT OVER THINK ME LLC  and the Founder and President of the Manifest A Deliverance Foundation INC.

.mE ( DONT OVER THINK ME) is a reminder to don’t overthink yourself out of being yourself, jUST bE.

DONT OVER THINK ME LLC (.mE) has the mission to develop awareness, thinking, and abilities to assist the client in identifying and achieving life goals. 

Hashondra is a certified life coach who openly shares how overthinking has been one of her biggest obstacles. Now that she understands how to handle overthinking, she assists others in developing personalized methods to become the authentic version of themselves by establishing healthy thinking patterns.

Within MAD (Manifest A Deliverance Foundation INC), a Georgia 501c3, President Hashondra encourages ALL people to "Get MAD the Right Way" through the healthy cycles of releasing, relaxing, and receiving. 

MAD members are encouraged to live a MADlife, which is living a life of clarity in the mind that indicates (shows) personal freedoms that benefit oneself and others. 

Hashondra and the board members of MAD are on a mission to connect people from different backgrounds with different beliefs who desire the personal goal of becoming successful.

MAD designs a personal plan for success in a relaxed, healthy environment that releases information necessary to receive the manifestations of personal goals.

MAD's mission is to manifest people, strengthen families, build better businesses (small + corporate), encourage higher education, connect with spiritual organizations, and assist higher level authorities.

Hashondra is adamant regarding the standards of MAD. Which are:

Different Backgrounds - Diversity - To create a respectful, inclusive environment that is inviting to those of diverse backgrounds that include various ethnicities, ages, genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic statuses.

Different Beliefs - Freedom - Everyone will have the liberty to profess one's belief as we work together for the common goal

Same Goal - Success - Everyone will set clear goals that will influence, motivate and increase one's performance to manifest successful individuals and a successful foundation.

As she continues to become a "better hASHONDRA for herself, she also continues to become a better hASHONDRA for the world. 

When asked, Who is Hashondra? She replied:

"I am a God-lover, a believer, a mother, an embracer of love, a small business owner, a non-profit founder, an author, a motivational speaker, an artist, and so much more. BUT more importantly, I am a spark. That person who comes into the lives of others to start or ignite the fire that lies within. I,'m hASHONDRA, a better hASHONDRA "  


Featured guest appearances include public schools, youth development groups, private organizations, religious organizations, podcasts, radio, television, and group therapy. 

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